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  2. Happy Yuletide fatalcookies!

    A very Merry Christmas indeed, Jennie-of-my-heart :)  I hope that you are full of all the warm happies in the world, and that this fic can in some way add to them <3

    Jennie asked me for: any two of the OT4 being up late Christmas Eve, after all the others have gone to sleep, and simply sharing the slow dim hours together.  So I know that I write you far too much Romana/Brax, dear hearts, but I was looking over my prompts and realized that I could work things so that for my eight Yulefics I wrote one without pairings, one Leela/Andred, and then one each for each of the six pairings in the OT4.  Which was too tempting a prospect to resist, but meant that this turned out to be yet another Romana/Brax fic.  Which I don’t think will ACTUALLY upset you at all.

    In my heart, this is a Collectionverse fic, but there is absolutely no reason why it HAS to be.  All that it HAS to be is a happy kidfic ‘verse of some description where Romana/Brax smooches are a usual occurrence.  It is just about as fluffy as any fic could possibly be, and just about completely plotless, but as it IS Christmas, I hope you can forgive me for all that.


    “Are the stockings hung by the chimney with care?” Romana asks, leaning back against the sofa-cushions with the comfortable exhaustion of one whose work has been long and arduous but well done.

    “All,” Brax confirms, settling in beside her.

    “And filled?”

    “To bursting.”

    “The eggs have been nogged?”


    “And the plums sugared?”

    “Every one.”

    “Not a partridge without its pear tree?”

    “Nor, indeed, a pear tree without its partridge.”

    “You would think that raising children would be easier than running a planet,” she comments, laying her head down on his shoulder, “but that would be reckoning without Christmases.”

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  3. First Leela/Braxiatel Christmas on the Collection.

    With these Collectionverse questions I always end up with very complicated answers, because I have too MANY headcanons.  But there are three possible Christmases that could count as their first, because things happen very slowly in all the Collectionverse romances; these people are going to live a LONG time and don’t have to rush.  So Leela is living on the Collection for at least a couple of years before she and Brax get romantically involved, and there’s her first Christmas physically THERE; and then she and Brax are in a relationship for several years before they get married, so there’s a second first Christmas as a couple, and then a third first Christmas as husband and wife.  And I’m going to go with the middle one, because I can.

    So there have always been Christmas celebrations on the Collection—not only because Brax is Brax and loves spectacle, but also because his mother was human, and also also because so many of the other people living on KS-159 are human.  The OT4 have always taken part to some degree, but basically just to the extent of all having a nice meal together and everybody making a game of catching Narvin under the mistletoe (half the population of the Collection has managed to snog him this way, because Romana ordered him as President to Respect The Traditions Of Other Cultures and also Brax, as owner of KS-159, made it planetary edict that Narvin, and Narvin alone, was legally obliged to kiss anyone who snuck up on him with mistletoe).

    But for the first Christmas after he and Leela get together, Brax asks her whether she wouldn’t like to learn more about the ancient traditions of her people, and because she does like to learn new things and she knows he likes teaching her things and also she already KNOWS she likes peppermint hot chocolate, Leela says sure, why not. Which launches them all into the Irving Braxiatel Christmas-stravaganza, a month-long orgy of snowmen, panto, partridges in pear trees, holly and jolly and tinsel and tree-cutting and present-wrapping and gingerbread and plum pudding and wise men and EVERY POSSIBLE CHRISTMAS EXPERIENCE IMAGINABLE because this is Brax and you can’t stop a Brax once it starts rolling downhill.  And it all culminates with Brax himself dressed as Father Christmas for reasons that escape even him, distributing toys to the children of the Collection (there aren’t many, at that stage, but there are some), all in an attempt to impress this thoroughly sensible woman who would probably have had just as much fun cuddling on the couch with him and watching Miracle on 34th Street, but who does in fact appreciate the sorts of lengths he is willing to go to.

    And later that night sees the OT4 all cozied up in a room that Brax had specially designed and built to be the Christmasiest room imaginable, with a perfect fireplace and a perfect yule log and a tree that wouldn’t DARE to put a single needle out of place.  Except then Leela misinterprets the popcorn and cranberry garlands on the tree, and cuts one of them open and starts a popcorn-and-cranberry fight that leaves the entire room a complete mess and all four of them red-faced with laughter, and Brax just looks at her and thinks, yes, this is exactly why he needs her, because he spends so much time trying to figure people out and yet here is Leela, who should be so transparent, and still ALWAYS finds some way to do what he least expects.  And they end up cuddling on the sofa and watching Miracle on 34th Street anyway, with Romana and Narvin piping up with frequent snark, and Leela falls asleep in Brax’s lap before she can even open the 43 carefully hand-picked presents he bought her, and he doesn’t even mind at all.

  4. So this is meant to be a Tarrin post…

    …but is accidentally mostly just Romana/Narvin fluff.  With Tarrin.  Who is one of the OCs from my happyplace ‘verse (which I sometimes call the Collection ‘verse).  Tarrin’s first post is here, and everything else can be found through the tag.


    Way back in the day, just after the events of 3.5, a coalition of timefaring races led by the Monans invaded Gallifrey.  In this AU it was, as we know, the joint efforts of our OT4, especially Leela and Brax, that defeated the occupying force and won that war.

    But Gallifrey was occupied by the Temporal Alliance for nearly a year before the rescue. Upon their arrival on the planet, the Monans made it clear to Matthias that he had best cooperate fully with them—keep his people compliant with their new regime, and hand over Gallifrey’s temporal secrets. Matthias, to his credit, refused, but that decision didn’t go well for him. The Monans forcibly removed him, installed a puppet President, and spent the rest of the occupation torturing poor Matthias for information.

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  5. Describe your plans, location and decor for your OTP’s wedding.

    When you get into question’s like this, my brain is going to go off in my own happyverse, as any shipper’s would (to their own happyverse, that is—I’m convinced that every shipper has one).  And in that ‘verse, Romana and Narvin never actually do get married, not officially.  There are two weddings in their lives that are very important to their relationship—Brax and Leela’s wedding, where everyone conspires to get them together, and their son Tarrin’s wedding, where everyone conspires to get them BACK together (and then they go off and have universe-shattering sex; someday I will write the fic about that bit of their lives)—but neither of those is their wedding.  

    But they do have a conversation about it once.  Which begins, on an ordinary day in the lab about forty years after they start sleeping together, with Romana staring thoughtfully out the window for about five seconds, turning to Narvin, and asking him, apropos of absolutely nothing, “Do you think we should get married?”

    Narvin, being a man of considerable self-control, avoids the comedy stereotype of dropping the petri dish he’s holding, managing to set it carefully in on the counter before asking, in an exaggeratedly calm voice, “Could you repeat that, please?”

    "I’m not proposing," says Romana.  "Well, I suppose I can be, if you like.  I am open to the possibility.  But that wasn’t my intention in asking.  I’m soliciting your opinion, Narvin.  What are your thoughts on the institution of marriage as it pertains to the two of us?”

    Narvin blinks.  Living with Romana has made him better at quick gear changes than he once was, but it’s still not in his nature.  ”I think that… if it’s important to you, I would proud, of course, but…”

    "But?" Romana prompts.

    "But I think there would be certain… complications.  Your House, for a start."

    Romana nods, her lips pursed.  ”Ridiculous, isn’t it?  I was President of the planet and they still think they ought to be able to dictate my ‘dynastic role.’  They would kick up an almighty fuss about me marrying anyone, well…”

    "Anyone as lowborn as I am.”

    "There’s nothing low about you,” Romana snaps.  A moment later it occurs to her, from the amused look on his face, that she’s just got angry at him in his own defense, and smiles slightly.  ”They couldn’t actually stop us, of course.  I don’t begin to care what they think, and there’s no reason why it should influence our decision.”

    "Yes," says Narvin, "but that’s what marriage is for.  To cement the political ties between Houses.”

    "There are those radicals who suggest that it can be done for love.”

    "For the spectacle of love, perhaps,” says Narvin.  ”For the kinds of people who need the justification of others, to be able to say ‘this is my spouse’ as though that proves something.  Commitment is all well and good, but I have never believed that flaunting that commitment before the universe at large makes it somehow deeper or more sincere.  Less so, if anything.  Emotion is personal.  It shouldn’t require validation.”  Narvin realizes from Romana’s raised eyebrow that he has grown surprisingly heated.  ”If you feel differently…” he tries.

    Romana shakes her head.  ”No,” she says.  ”I feel very much the same, oddly enough.  Our relationship isn’t more or less important because we call it by a different name.”  She turns back to her microscope, offering, in a would-be casual tone, “I simply thought you ought to know that I have no intention of living without you in future.  Ever, if I can help it.”

    Narvin doesn’t actually blush.  What he does might be most accurately described as ‘blushing on the inside.’  After a moment, he slides onto the lab bench next to Romana.  ”And you ought to know that you are never likely to be rid of me, if I have anything to say about it,” he says, slipping an arm around her waist.

    "Oh, I know," says Romana, smiling sideways without looking round.  "We all have our burdens to bear."

  6. Fic: Better Than Reportingly

    Once upon a time I set out to write a porny sequel to Cupid is No Longer an Archer.  Predictably, what I ended up with was a sequel to Cupid is No Longer an Archer containing many words of Narvin backstory but absolutely no porn whatsoever.  This fic and its prequel are part of my Collection ‘Verse, but because they happen before anything else I’ve written about the ‘verse they require no knowledge of anything but each other.  Well, and the Gallifrey audios, of course.

    Title: Better Than Reportingly
    Fandom: Gallifrey
    Pairings: Romana/Narvin (background Leela/Brax)
    Rating: PG, probably.  PG-13 at a stretch for some very mild foreplay, I suppose.
    Word Count: 8,600
    Beta thanks to agapi42

    For others say thou dost deserve, and I believe it better than reportingly.”

    —Beatrice, Much Ado About Nothing, Act III scene i

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  7. Because I have just kept Ellie awake all night collating posts…

    …I feel that it is clearly incumbent upon me to give something back.  And I AGES ago promised a post about Tarrin, a certain little boy from a certain enormous, sprawling AU I’ve been babbling on about for ages (all the bits of which are to be found under my happyplace ‘verse tag, though these days I tend to call it the Collectionverse).  Which I suspect will be something that Ellie would like to see.  And so here it is—the first section of it, at least.  Because I will ALWAYS have more to say about Tarrin.  ALWAYS.

    Right, so, okay. Tarrin. Yes. So once upon a time in the Collectionverse, Leela uses her birthday as a reason to insist that the entire family—Brax, and all the children, and Romana and Narvin too—join her for a picnic in her favorite meadow on the unsettled side of KS-159. It’s in an imported tract of Gallifreyan biosphere, red grass dotted with little white flowers and silver trees populated by all sorts of Gallifreyan fauna. For Leela’s Time Lords, it’s just like visiting home.

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  8. Jules, part 2

    Continued from part 1, where can be found links to all the other parts of this monster.  Or just use the tag.


    All of Brax and Leela’s children did a certain amount of traveling when they were small, but not as much as they’d have liked because Will couldn’t even leave their TARDIS on some planets, and anyway, no NORMAL amount of traveling could possibly prepare a person for life with the Doctor. But Jules has a former Companion for a mother, and another former Companion as a sort of second mother, and Lungbarrow blood in zir veins besides. Zie loves every second of it. The exotic locales, the adventure, the danger, the running—there is a lot of running. They’re running even when they’re not physically running, because the Doctor is convinced that Brax will have half the security-for-hire in the universe chasing them, bent on forcing Jules to give up this life of truancy and return to the Academy.  Which dread fate he, the ever-noble Doctor, cannot possibly permit.

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  9. Jules finally! (part 1)

    This post is teeeeerribly overdue, because I kept expecting there to be another Astra and Strella post first. And there will be someday, just not yet. But I’ve been vaguely alluding to Brax and Leela’s youngest child in the Collection ‘verse since forever, but haven’t properly introduced zir as yet. Which is a crime, as I’ve long since written about all the others (Alex, Will, Tommy, Astra and Strella parts 1 and 2; also, for anybody new to this ‘verse, see the premise post + a bit of Romana/Narvin, and also the two proper fics in this ‘verse: The Junior League of Future Agents and Cupid Is No Longer an Archer).

    So, right, after Tommy, Strella and Astra, Leela has given birth to three children in two years, and even for her that is enough for a little while. But about four years on, she starts missing having a baby about the place, whereas Brax, tbh, is rather pleased to NOT have a baby about the place for once. Because he loves all of his kids, but Astra and Strella and Tommy are all extremely active and intelligent children and at least three times a week now he’s dealing with one or other (or all three) of them getting into some kind of trouble. And Will, with his frequent ill health, is stressful in a different kind of way from the younger ones, and Alex is edging into her teenage years and that is ALSO stressful in its OWN kind of way. So basically, despite the fact that they have an incredible support system and there is a village (or a planetoid) raising their children, Brax has just about reached his limit for now. Unless Leela will agree to let him plot out the lives of their kids in advance, because Brax could DEFINITELY get behind forming a dynasty and using strategic manipulation of a small army of their children as a means of peaceably conquering the known universe and bending it to his will. Which, sadly, is not a plan to which Leela will agree.

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  10. agapi42 replied to your post: Collection!verse ships (what do you mean, that’s cheating, well, okay, but I always want more Collection!verse).

    I actually would love Will/Elyane or Astra/Laurill - especially Astra/Laurill - but eeee, hee, & yay for this! I love Tarrin’s full name and am now trying to decide who exactly the original Antonin was, that two Romanas named their sons for him. Hmm.

    Emma, you are a terrible terrible enabler and I adore you for it :)  

    Ellie just asked me about Astra and Laurill, so you’re covered there.  Elyane is a part of Jules’ story as well as Will’s, which is why I have not mentioned her yet, and so is yet one more reason why I need to get my act together and post about Jules which I will sometime soon I swear!

    Antonin, at least in my headcanon, was one of the great heroes of House Heartshaven from days of old.  When House Dvora fell, Antonin was the leader of the group of Heartshavens who died in a selfless if futile attempt to defend it.  Afterwards, Pandora granted his daughter the Dvora name and the title of ‘Inheritor of the House of Dvora’, to be carried by her descendants in perpetuity.  Of course, Pandora also decided that this act of bravery on the part of the original Antonin made his genes a fertile ground, and left his daughter with something else that was passed down through the generations to Romana: the Imperiatrix Imprimatur.  Since then, there have been several other Antonins and Antonias in House Heartshaven, many of whom have been exceptional in their own rights.

    Romana originally wants to name Tarrin after Narvin’s father (my headcanons about him are going to find their way into yet another thing I’m already writing in this ‘verse—I wasn’t kidding about that iceberg metaphor), but while Narvin appreciates the sentiment, he grew up in his late father’s shadow himself, and he doesn’t want that for his boy.  So he insists that Tarrin’s first name should be entirely his own, nobody else’s, and Romana slips in ‘Antonin’ at the end instead, to be the same kind of example of courage and valor.

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