1. "At the beginning of “Time and the Rani” the Sixth Doctor regenerated, seemingly with no explanation. However, if you pay attention to the previous episodes, and using information gained from the new series, the reason for the Doctor’s regeneration becomes obvious. Two episodes previously, in “Terror of the Vervoids”, the character of Melanie Bush is introduced. Mel is someone who knows the Doctor in his future, who has met earlier in his own timeline. Sound familiar? Melanie Bush is clearly River Song. At the end of “The Ultimate Foe” Mel is persuading the Doctor to exercise and drink carrot juice. The Doctor is a nearly immortal Timelord, who gets more than enough exercise with all the running he has to do. Why would Mel want him to exercise. Clearly, all she is really interested in is getting him to drink the carrot juice. Think about it, one episode ends with the Doctor being forced to drink something against his will, and the next episode begins with the Doctor regenerating. The carrot juice was obviously poisoned. Remember what Dr. Song said, she killed a great man, a hero to many. She clearly killed the Sixth Doctor. With the Rani disguising herself as Mel, and the Doctor believing Mel to be the Rani, the Seventh Doctor was probably so confused that he believed that it was the Rani who murdered him, rather than Melanie “River Song” Bush."

    Genius anon (via swordsofathousandmen)


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    oh my god

    (remember this?)

    And then she goes off with a CON MAN I am so UTTERLY sold.  TRUTH, this is utterest truth.


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