1. humancastiel:




    hahah wow brb straddling a fencepost

    My first reaction was ‘Nice thought but there’s no way, Coulson is much younger than…’ and then I stopped mid-thought.

    Because you know what.

    You know what.

    After Steve, the US government had to keep trying to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum.

    And who

    and who

    would be the FIRST DAMN PERSON IN LINE to volunteer?

    They told us it never worked again.  And that was kind of true.  They never again recreated the super-strength or the gleaming pecs.  But other things, they got right.  They got the vastly delayed aging.  And the kind of reflexes that make a man able to take out two armed thugs with a bag of flour.  And the talent for leading through example.  And they got the most important part, Erskine’s favorite part: the magnification of moral fiber, taking the loyalty and selflessness of a loyal and selfless man and making him into something spectacular.

    Coulson didn’t buy those vintage cards on Ebay.

    He’s had them since he was a little boy.

    That little boy right there.


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