…the fic I need most of all in the world right now is this:

So at the end of The Face of Evil, Leela basically gets offered rulership of her world, but she says “I don’t want to be leader, I am far too unreasonable,” which sums up an enormous amount of Why I Love Leela BUT ANYWAY.  Let’s say that after having traveled around with Four, instead of staying behind on Gallifrey with a guy she barely knows (I love Andred, don’t get me wrong, but it is a bit of a Look At Your Life Look At Your Choices moment for her), she decides that she’s grown up enough to be ready for that responsibility, and asks Four to take her home just after the moment when she left, and becomes President Leela.  And instead of the Gallifrey audios, the story of President Romana and Leela the wise outsider, we get the Whatever The Hell The Name of Leela’s Planet Is audios, with President Leela and Romana the wise outsider, who comes to live there after her time traveling with the Doctor and, I dunno, marries Tomas or something, because it’s no further out of character for her than Leela randomly getting married after The Invasion of Time, really.  And it’s the same kind of story but backwards, with Leela initially thinking Romana is useless because she can’t fight and doesn’t know how things are done in those parts, but them learning to respect and care for each other, as they always will.

Anybody want to write it?  Someone?  Anyone?